The first among online colleges in Michigan

The Davenport University Online Global Campus was Michigan’s first online learning community. Now we’re among the best online colleges — in the nation.

When it comes to online college degrees, experience matters. That’s why you want to choose Davenport’s Online Global campus. Davenport has been offering online college degrees for more than 20 years.

无论你在世界的哪个角落, you can achieve online college degrees through the Davenport University Online Global Campus. Explore this page to see why our Global Campus puts us among the best online colleges. If you need assistance, please contact us at or 800.686.1600.


With the growing demand for a more flexible student learning experience, 600cc全讯白菜网设计的在线+, a digital suite of learning formats to give you the access you need, to the education you want—all on your own time. 




Through the Davenport University Online Global Campus, you can choose from more than 50 online college degrees and certificates, 包括在线商业学位, 在线技术学位, online health degrees and urban education degree options. 


Among the best online colleges in Michigan

With more than 20 years of delivering online college degrees, the Davenport University Online Global Campus has solidified Davenport as one of the best online colleges in Michigan and far beyond. 成立于1866年, Davenport University is also among Michigan’s oldest institutions of higher education so you know our online campus has deep roots. 

Davenport was Michigan’s first online learning community
Choose from more than 30 online college degrees at Davenport
20+ years of experience puts us among the best online colleges



Financial aid for online college degrees  

Our generous financial aid packages is just one of the reasons we are considered one of the best online colleges in Michigan. In fact, 95% of Davenport students receive aid, including students in our online+ degree programs. 

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Dedicated Global Campus admissions team  

When you choose the Davenport University Online Global Campus, our admissions team will help you with everything from applying to choosing from our 50+ online+ degree programs, 包括600cc全讯白菜网的在线商业学位, 在线健康学位等等. 

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Whether you’re earning one of our online business degrees, 在线技术学位, online health degrees or an urban education degree, you’ll receive the support you need to thrive as an online learner. That’s why Davenport’s one of the best online colleges.  

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Everyone has their own style of learning — and their own preference when it comes to class formats. From on-demand online classes to flex classrooms, Davenport offers a range of class formats so you can learn in the environment that’s best for you. 

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只要有正确的策略, anyone can succeed in courses for online college degrees, whether you’re pursuing an urban education degree, one of Davenport’s 在线技术学位 or another online degree. Follow these tips, including online tutoring. 

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Innovative urban education degree options

Meet the needs of urban school districts with an urban education degree or certification through the Davenport University Online Global Campus. 例如, our urban educational leadership grad certificate offers an accelerated path to advance your career. 

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600cc全讯白菜网是个二等兵, not-for-profit university with more than 150 years of experience preparing students for successful careers.

Offering over 60 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, we align with top employers to design degree programs that help you gain the skills and real-world experience you need to rise above the rest. With small class sizes and campuses across Michigan or online, you’ll earn a quality education on your schedule at Davenport University.